Present yourself with elegance and class and you will forever be timeless.

     One of the many great things about having a lot of younger girl cousins, is that they are always willing or volunteering to take pictures when I ask them! I recently did a little shoot with my two cousins, Mylissa and Cheyenne, with Mylissa doing the make up and Cheyenne standing in as the model. Mylissa is an esthetician at Code Salon in San Francisco and is usually my go to make up artist when I'm in a pinch! Cheyenne is an aspiring actor, who did a lot of theater in high school. I had been wanting to do something with Cheyenne for a long time now, but schedules never aligned, as you come to realize more and more when trying to schedule shoots with people. But we were finally able to get something set up! 

    Cheyenne has a classic look about her. I had always envisioned doing something classic with her. The three of us discussed the direction we wanted to take and it was all very clear we were drawn towards a "classic" theme. With the make up, hair, and clothing, we took inspiration from the 40s and used that as a focal point, to interpret that in our own way. This is one of the aspects I love when doing photoshoots with other people. I love the collaborative part of it all. You get to listen and see what kind of ideas others have. I enjoy working with other creative people and seeing what we all can come up with. 

     The looks back from the 40s are timeless. And that is something that I am always drawn to when looking at photographs of that time. Even nowadays a lot of inspiration is taken from those times. And you can see it in the fashion today. I think that is what makes those decades timeless, is the fact that we still draw inspiration from those time periods today. 

    We went classic, yet subtle route with the make up. A classic red lip, slightly pinned backed hair on one side, and clothes that gave off a classic touch. After we were done with the classic theme, I wanted to take a few pictures with a more relaxed up to date vibe. It was almost like an urban theme. It was quite the jump from one genre to another if you think about it. But I liked that we were able to pull it off with the same make up. Again, showing that the make up in this instance, was timeless and could be used for both themes. Cheyenne changed into something more comfortable and as the sun was setting we had that perfect golden hour lighting! We just walked down my block an took some pictures around my block. I really like how they came out! 

     Overall the shoot was fun! We showed our versatility. I feel like I have this aggressive focused energy when shooting lately. Ever since I got my camera back there is defiantly a drive there to shoot more and get better. And I think that is coming off in my photos lately. And that makes me quite excited for what is to come! Here are the photos down below! Hope you like them! 



     I want to thank everyone who took the time out of your busy lives to wish me a happy birthday today! It really meant a lot to me to hear from you all! 

     Every birthday that I am fortunate to see and to live, has a profound effect on me. I look at it is an accomplishment. It is almost surreal to think that I am 33 years old. When I look back at my past experiences, it almost seems like they went by in the blink of an eye. Which is why these days, I try to be as present as possible. To take a moment and consciously tell myself to enjoy where ever now may be. That where I am suppose to be, is right where I am at that particular moment. If you can have moments like these, where you don't care about being anywhere else but where you are, then that to me is a great accomplishment. 

     Life can seem like a rollercoaster, and in many ways, it is. One minute you can be on cloud nine, and the next, some unforeseeable event brings you back down to reality. Ultimately, I believe that how you navigate this ride we call life, comes down to you and your approach. In what way will you let these events effect your life? Negatively or positively? 

     There is no one right approach but if you are able to find one that works for you, then I believe your are on the right path. And my approach these days is to be as present as possible. I still think about the past like any normal human being. I still think about people who are no longer in my life, only because they helped shape me into who I am today and because I simply miss them. I think about the future and where I will be in a few years. And all that is fine, because any normal person will do this. But I will not let it consume me to a point where I don't appreciate now. Because now is where I am suppose to be. 

     So again I say to you all, thank you. You have all played a significant role in my life. You all are the luminous colors in my life. Smile, love, laugh, and most of all, be present and enjoy now, because now is where we are suppose to be. 

Camera back in hand, ready to shoot!

     Last week my used camera that I had purchased arrived! The camera is in really good condition and fairly new! I felt so excited holding the camera in my hands once I took it out of the box. It was like being reunited with an old friend after so many years, but in my case, six months! Ha! My cousin Mylissa and I had a little impromptu session, as I was eager to test the camera out and just take a few shots. I love my cousin, she is always willing to take photos for whatever reason when I ask her! Here are the results! 

New Year, Another Attempt!

     Well folks, let's give this a try again! At blogging I do mean. I have had numerous failed attempts in the past at trying to maintain a blog. The intention has always been there, just not the consistency. So why do I think this time will be any different? I'm not really sure to be honest, other then I think it is something that I need to do personally at this very point in my life. Alright, I do have reasons why I do think I will be more "successful" at maintaining a blog, but I just feel that it is the right time to attempt this again. It's more of a feeling, really. I'm very big on when you have a "feeling" that you listen to it and just go with it. So that is what I am doing. 

     I will give a few of my reasons why I do think it will be different this time around. The initial reason was because I had my camera stolen last year(June 2016) when I was in a car accident. Double the headache! Photography is my passion and the vehicle in which I choose to express my artistic and creative side. Digital cameras aren't cheap and to be honest, I just don't have $3,000 laying around to get a new one. On top of losing my camera, my car was considered totaled by my insurance company. Even though within one week I had a new car and everything was taken care of with my car, it was a really challenging time, even afterwards. Mainly because I felt like I wouldn't be able to continue with my photography, and in a sense, that was true. I felt like I was somehow being told that I couldn't continue doing my passion and for lack of a better term, that sucked. 

The results of my car accident last year. My poor Stella. That's what I named my car, Stella. Shot on iPhone 6.

The results of my car accident last year. My poor Stella. That's what I named my car, Stella. Shot on iPhone 6.

Jericho, my new car. Shot on iPhone 6.

Jericho, my new car. Shot on iPhone 6.

     Soon after losing my camera I soon sought out after a reason to why this had happened to me. There surely had to be a reason why my camera was stolen and taken away from me. As I have gotten older, and through the many lessons I have learned, I now try to find a positive outcome in any negative situation that arises. Sometimes I don't understand it right away and I understand that it might take a while to figure it out. Because I believe you can always find something positive out of any negative situation. You just have to be willing to look for it. Also finding a silver lining is another great tool I have incorporated into my life when challenging situations arise. I also knew that I was being tested and I was aware of that. I also believe that if you are aware of moments in your life where you are being tested, then you will use the proper tools that are at your disposal to meet that test head on. 

    After thinking about what I could do to replace photography in the mean time to satisfy my creative side, I came back to the idea of doing a blog again. I was excited about the prospect of devoting my creative energy to a blog. This blog will be about various things. It will be a way for me to share the lessons I have learned that may help other people. I will use it to also improve my writing skills, as I have a future project that requires a bit of writing. I will use it to document the things I do and the places I see. I will use it to share what inspires me and my photography. I will use it to share my stories. I will use it to share my own personal journey and give you a glimpse into my life.

     In the middle of writing this blog, I ended up purchasing a used camera of the same model I had on Ebay for maybe a quarter of the original cost. I'm not sure why I didn't think of this before. I think I was so fixated on having a brand new camera, that I didn't really consider all my options. It was only until I was writing this first blog that I realized that I hadn't really looked into purchasing a used camera and at least having something to use for the time being. It goes back to my point, that you may not realize certain solutions right away. Sometimes, it just takes time to clear your head and remove yourself from the situation to get to that place. Purchasing a used camera seems like a simple solution that you would think I would have thought of right away, but it doesn't always happen right away. But I am grateful that I did eventually get to that place and realize that this is the best option for the time being. And I got it for a good price too! 

    So with that I am even more anxious to make this blog a personal success. I have set personal goals for this blog and website. It will be a challenge, but a fun and welcoming challenge! I am excited for what the unknown and what lies ahead in 2017!  

"...because tomorrow the sun will rise. Who knows what the tide could bring?" - Tom Hanks Shot on Sony a99. 

"...because tomorrow the sun will rise. Who knows what the tide could bring?" - Tom Hanks Shot on Sony a99.